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The knowledge & the art

of Feng (wind) Shui (water) to bring joy and harmony into your life.


Where and how you live, in private as well as in business, you are surrounded with "Chi". In Chinese culture, Chi is the universal life force. It literally means breath or vital energy.

What can I do for you

As a FENG SHUI consultant I am your "Chi Navigator" - I am the driver and conductor of Chi. I direct deviating, escaping good Chi back on the right track and bring bad, sharp "Sha Chi" under control. With the art of FENG SHUI, I find areas of deficiency, strengthen your personal element and defuse negative influences.

By utilising traditional FENG SHUI numbers, lists, tables and dimensions, alignments and background knowledge, I calculate the important basic facts and requirements. It is these basics you need for your home, for your business, office or workplace. Because that's the point: Well, there are many FENG SHUI Tips, but the fact is, "What do YOU need."

You probably don't want to have to leave your home or quit your job because something doesn't feel right. The nice thing is, with FENG SHUI we can make small changes that have a great impact. Sometimes a major change is wanted or reqired. Together we remove, move and decorate your surroundings - without turning your apartment into a Chinese restaurant - unless your business is a Chinese restaurant ;-) So that you are wonderfully strengthened, successful and happy!


Are you curious about what's going on with your surrounding energy? Would you like to know what I can do for YOU?

Us Schreibtisch schräg.jpg


Knowing what FENG SHUI is, is good.

Knowing where and how to unse FENG SHUI is the real treasure.

I am your FENG SHUI "treasurer".

Joy of Life & Harmony

through FENG SHUI.

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